Sikh university is seeking authorization from the State Department of Education and institutions to award Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees in the following areas of Sikh studies: 
1.      Sikhism,
2.      Theology of Sikhism,
3.      Philosophy of Sikhism,
4.      Divine music of Sikhism,
5.      History of Sikhism and the Sikhs.

It will also be offering short term online courses in:
1.      Basic course in Punjabi
2.      Fundamentals of Sikhism
3.      Basic institutions of Sikhism—Sangat, Pangat and Langar.
4.      Scriptures of Sikhism
5.      Institutions of Sikhism—Gurdwara and Takhat
6.      Spiritual practices of Sikhism
7.      Rites / Ceremonies of Sikhism
8.      Sacraments of Sikhism
9.      Traditions of Sikhism
10.    Major concepts of Sikhism
11.    Major doctrines of Sikhism
12.    Gender equality and status of woman in Sikhism
13.    Sikh art, craft, architecture, culture, civilization, jurisprudence and politics.
14.    Gender equality and status of woman in Sikhism
15.    Caste system and its rejection in Sikhism
16.    Ritualism and its rejection in Sikhism
17.    Mythology and its rejection in Sikhism
18.    Festivals of Sikhism
19.    Sikh organizations
20.    Who are Sikhs?